This document has been developed by Krumovgrad municipality within the framework of Green center – NATURE FOR US AND WE FOR THE NATURE project implemented with the financial support of the European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece – Bulgaria 2007 -2013, co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. Sole responsibility for the content of this publication shall be borne by Krumovgrad municipality and under no circumstances shall this document be considered to reflect the official position of the European Union and the Contracting Authority.





Project „Green Center -  Nature for us and we for the nature”


The goal of the project is to improve the cross-border cooperation in the area of natural resources and handling natural disasters as a way for sustainable and balanced economic development. To achieve that goal the project plans for the creation of a Green Center in the village of Avren situated 18 km off the town of Krumovgrad and about 6 km off the new border crossing point Avren-Mirtiski which is to be inaugurated soon. The Green Center created under the project shall provide environmental trainings to children and young people and serve as a training facility for courses on handling natural disasters for representatives of voluntary organizations from Greece and Bulgaria.


Krumovgrad municipality is situated in the southeastern part of Kardzhali district covering an area of 843,3 square km with a population of 17,257 people.

The municipality is located in the Eastern Podophes. The landscape is semi-mountainous and hilly; the average altitude is 425 m and the vertical segmentation 170 m.  The water resources are formed by the rivers Arda and  Krumovitsa, some water reservoirs of local importance and the Studen kladenets dam.


The municipality is the home of numerous protected areas and a variety of rare plant and animal species. Among the former are: Valchi dol and the protected areas of Ribino, Hamdar dere, Oreshari, Vodopada, Djeleve, Mandrata, Bureste, Dushan, etc. Over 80% of the territory of the municipality falls within Natura 2000.